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Postby international » Mon Aug 06, 2007 1:44 am

Nuts4Scouts wrote:Yesterday, at our District Cub Day Camp, I started off each of my group sessions with a question about what birthday was being celebrated that day.

Sad to say, none of the Cubs knew who Robert Baden-Powell was or what he had done. Sadder to say, the Boy Scout Staff had no idea either. The only one who had a clue was my son, & that was only because "I am constantly yammering about it". (Yeah, he's a real sweety, I only keep him around because he is bigger than me !)

Hopefully a few will remember my description of Robert Baden-Powell, his kudu horn, and what transpired on 08/01/1907, at 8:00 in the morning!

LOL ! Hurray for your son! :D
One of my kids that's been a scout for 8 years was trying to teach me something about scouting. According to him,B.P. did not founded the scout movement, what he did was start the first Troop in the USA....... :?
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