National Review of Jamboree Safety Guidelines

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National Review of Jamboree Safety Guidelines

Postby USforester » Mon Jun 26, 2006 2:57 pm

Has anyone seen or heard if a review has taken place by National regarding the safety policies and practices to be employed during future Jamborees. Following the 2005 Jamboree there was discussion about a top to bottom review. Serving on staff during the 2005 Jamboree I know we held a brief safety recommendation brainstorming session. It was my understanding that all areas of camp were to have held similar reviews and apssed all the gathered information to the HQ. Hopefully this was compiled and used as part of the overall review.

My purpose for asking is that I have trouble recommending attending Jamborees to scouts without knowing that National has performed this needed review of safety procedures. These should be made public, at least within the scouting community so we have have a foundation to stand on when parents of future attendees start asking questions based on the events of the 2005 arena show and overall handling of heat.

What I'm looking for is even a simple statement from National stating that medical personnel with have the final decisionmaking authority over whether events are held during Jamboree.
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