Multi-troop registration and OA selection

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Re: Multi-troop registration and OA selection

Postby FrankJ » Sat Apr 24, 2010 8:56 pm

But Paul...What if the Troop has 837 members and 590 show up and only one turns in a ballot? Does Wagion get elected?

It depends. What phase the moon is in? What if the train leaving PA going 50 mph at 5:00 pm?

Think that is bad. Try dealing with the family that son was on the ballot, but did not get elected.

There is a lot of aggravation dealing with the program. BUT look at your older scouts that do the right thing without really thinking about it. Go to Philmont with a crew & tell everybody you are on vacation-- and mean it. Watch an eagle scout give wood yard instruction & remember when you would not trust him with a sharp pencil. Watch a scout complete a successful term as SPL & remember when he joined the troop, both he & everybody else would have quit in terror if you announced that one day the he would be SPL. That is the point, not whether or not you are elected to OA

Also remember that is a game & you are supposed to have fun too.
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