Eagle BOR Challenge

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Eagle BOR Challenge

Postby RMM » Mon Feb 13, 2012 2:01 pm

Can someone explain this one to me so I can better explain it to the Scout ,Scout's parents, and Troop Leaders. The Scout turned in his completed Eagle application in December. It does not make it to the Council Office until January. The Eagle Application is processed by a group of volunteers "The Eagle Desk." The Scout had his SM conference in the Troop, completed his paperwork in the Troop, and would like to earn his Eagle in the Troop. He is dual registered in the Troop and Crew. He turned 18 after completing all the work for the Eagle Award, and as 18 he is now not registered in the Troop only in the Crew. The Eagle Desk will not approve the Eagle Application to have an Eagle BOR as the Scout is now (2012), only registered in the Crew. They want the young man to take his Eagle Application to the Crew Advisor, have him sign it. Return the application to the Eagle Desk, and then they will approve the Application and allow a Board to occur with the Scout earning his Eagle as a member of the Crew not the Troop. The Scout wants to earn the Eagle with the Troop and the Crew Advisor is hesisitant to sign the application as the Scout did not earn the Eagle in the Crew, he earned it in the Troop.

I am confused. Please help me.
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Re: Eagle BOR Challenge

Postby RWSmith » Mon Feb 13, 2012 2:42 pm

That's just plain crazy!

The Scout is right and "The Eagle Desk" is wrong. Period.

It does not matter whether the Scout is still registered in ANY unit, or not. He's entitled to a board with the Troop, regardless of the fact that he's turned 18; and, if those boneheads won't give him one, tell the young man to file an appeal.

Somebody might also want to inform this so-called "Eagle Desk" to get familiar with the Guide To Advancement, Pub. No. 33088, and comply.
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Re: Eagle BOR Challenge

Postby smtroop168 » Mon Feb 13, 2012 3:09 pm

RW is correct. This is not the "Eagle Desk's" call. The scout submitted his application as a Troop member and that is how his EBOR is to be handled.

Here's one to ask the "Eagle Desk"... supposed the scout did not have a POR in the crew for 6 months. Would that mean he couldn't make Eagle?
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Re: Eagle BOR Challenge

Postby Bill Pitcher » Mon Feb 13, 2012 9:39 pm

PLEASE, have the scout (or parent) talk to the Scout Exec. This is SO wrong. Even if he turned the paperwork in the day before he turned 18, the "Eagle DEsk" has 3 months to hold the EBoR. There is still time. And, after that, a letter of explination attached to the application can explain their error at this "Eagle Desk!" He gets to have his Eagle with the troop, period. This is pretty simple to fix and the process has been in effect a LONG TIME!
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