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Re: Need help with Life - Eagle Process

Postby JH-SM-T03 » Mon Dec 30, 2013 9:49 pm

Having worked with many Eagle projects, paperwork, advancement chairs etc. I think your district adv. chair caved in to those in your troop to stall your son's progress.

I suggest you correspond with the dist. adv. chair, in writing with cc's to the DE, Dist. Commissioner, Council adv. chair and even higher. In that correspondence you ask the dist, adv. chair for verification of her statements about fundraising, start of project or any other potential issue you feel is improper. By including the cc's you put her on notice that she has be answer truthfully. The cc's will understand the potential issues and will not feel blinded sided should you have to approach them directly. I would also include statements such as "I understand you to say xxxx" "I have verbably asked for an explanation and you have only stated it is BSA policy"

This approach may not make friends depending on how she is hooked into the district and council but should get you honest answers. I would expect that the appropriate district and council personnel will bring this to a mutually agreeable conclusion. As noted by others, this is a adult interference issue.
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Re: Need help with Life - Eagle Process

Postby mhjacobson » Mon Dec 30, 2013 10:11 pm

As a member of my Council's Advancement Committee, we, when we do our Life to Eagle and Eagle Scout Coach Training programs, often tell the participants how important it is to have someone review the Guide to Advancement sections on the ESSP, as well as Eagle Scout, so that they know what can be requested and what should not be asked for. Having this information, and copies of the section to hand to the adult who does not correctily understand the process, often results in a quick 'never mind' and the scout is allow to proceed. In more cases than not, it is ignorance of the process than anything else.
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