Eagle BORs - Scout is not successful

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Re: Eagle BORs - Scout is not successful

Postby pipestone1991 » Wed Jun 30, 2010 3:47 pm

Quailman wrote:Oh, Ohio University! You mentioned "OU" in another thread and I worried about you. Now that I know you're not going to Oklahoma, well... Congratulations!!! :D

On a different note from the thread, I'm not going to OU now! My parents finally said they wouldn't co-sign my loans, God-forbid I would want to pick my own college. I'm going to Walsh University now, a small Catholic school in NE Ohio.
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Re: Eagle BORs - Scout is not successful

Postby ismellbacon » Thu Feb 23, 2012 2:31 pm

No scout should "Fail" a BoR for Eagle, or any rank...

If for some reason (the presentation, the attitude, etc...) the board members are unhappy with, then they should continue the BoR to another date, and inform the scout what he needs to work on for the conclusion of the BoR.

I've seen many people try to add requirements, retest the scout's skill base, or just didn't like the kid.... They were given a retraining and if it happened again, then they were not asked to sit in on any in the future.
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Re: Eagle BORs - Scout is not successful

Postby mhjacobson » Mon Dec 30, 2013 6:34 pm

Had one where the scout not only failed the BOR, but then (upon appeal) failed the District BOR review and then the Council BOR. Scout did not do his POR, there were questions about his ESSP (he was in one troop until 6 days before his 19th BD, was missing 5 Eagle Scout required MB, and presented forged documents to the second troop that he completed his POR in Troop #1). Leadership of troop #2 appealed all of this to National (who did not contact the prior troop nor any of the personnel on the prior NOR's) and then issued the scout the Eagle Scout Badge.

Not to shabby: in 6 days, got a project written (was not approved by the Council Eagle Scout Project Coordinator) and completed, earned 5 merit badges, and completed his 6 month POR. Why not tell all scouts that once they receive Life all that they have to do is to appeal to national and they can become an instant EAGLE -- we had to get some of the Eagle Scout adults in Troop #1 to not mail their Eagle medals to National (they were really angry that a scout who should not be Eagle was able to cheat himself into the badge)!
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