Excellent Hot Dip for Chips

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Excellent Hot Dip for Chips

Postby ScoutcraftNick » Wed Jun 15, 2005 5:07 pm

This is something I fould online as i was looking for things to cook at summer camp. It is incredibly filling, and has the best taste while it's still hot.

"Troop 82 Goo" as seen on ScoutoRama.com

This recipe serves 16-20 scouts as a snack.

2 lbs. of ground hamburger
2 bars of cream cheese
2 bars of cheese (your choice what type - i used monterey jack for the test run)
2 large jars of XXXX-Chunky Salsa - the chunkier the better, the more veggies the better.
2 bags of tostitos or other type of salsa-oriented chips :-D

Notice, this recipe is so easy to divide down or size up. It will cook well in one pot, dutch oven, or LARGE, deep, pan. When i cooked the test run, i cut all the ingredients in half, and still almost overflowed the largest pan in my house.

Here's the "recipe"

Take the ground beef, and put it into the dutch oven/pan/pot and cook it, until everything is brown. Keep stirring.

Take the jar/s of salsa and dump them onto the ground beef once it's cooked. Keep stirring until the salsa starts to bubble consistently.

Take the cream cheese, add the bar/s to the mixture (i chopped them up for quicker melting), and keep stirring until they're melted.
Once the cream cheese melts, it will make the mixture lighter in color then the salsa, almost a pink color.

Once it's a uniform color, and bubbling hot again, add the cheese in, shredded or cubed, it should be in small enough pieces to melt separately and mix in well. Keep stirring the mixture until the cheese melts into it and everything is bubbling and hot. I would suggest keeping it covered during most of this, just so nothing splashes out too much. Let it cool a little bit, so it is not scalding. It retains heat pretty well. For easy cleanup it can be served right out of the dutch oven/pan/pot.

I made half the recipe, and had it AS dinner at home with a salad. Easy, and between 4 people we had enough leftovers to have some the next day. I'll be making this randomly in Scoutcraft throughout the summer just to have to offer other staff and Adult leaders. It is excellent! Also you can add a hot sauce, but be sure that you don't add it to the pot, as it might clash with some people's tastes.

What do you all think?
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