what to do for discipline

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what to do for discipline

Postby zaff2000 » Mon Sep 21, 2009 9:16 am

hey i am a patrol leader and i have noticed i really need to get ahold of my troop. the patrol sometimes get out of hand by talking when told not to and other small things like that but i need to know what i can do for discipline when they do something like that so they will be quiet and listen

also the senior patrol leader wants me to make a presentation for the troop about camping any ideas on how should i do this
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Re: what to do for discipline

Postby alex gregory » Mon Sep 21, 2009 12:50 pm

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Signs up ... no talking. Try it, it works. Put the sign up and say nothing until everyone gets it, puts up the sign and stops talking. Every time things get out of hand you just stop talking and put up the sign. You might ask an Assistant Scout Master to hang out and help you if you really need the help from an adult.

As a patrol leader you might think your the boss and everybody has to listen to you like good little soldiers, but it does'nt usually work that way. Think of yourself more as the Chairman of the Board, and your job is to lead a discussion where everyone has a chance to offer input and the patrol will reach agreement. Everybody in the patrol needs to learn to listen and help keep things on track. Good luck.

For suggestions on your camping presentation I suggest you check out your handbook and the Camping Merit Badge pamphlet.
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