When the Troop Committee decides not to play nice!

Administering the troop, solving problems, building on success, and using key program elements like the Patrol Method.

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Re: When the Troop Committee decides not to play nice!

Postby kc9901mom » Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:49 pm

I wonder what some of y'all would say about Committee Member W who sits right behind her son during PLC meetings and interjects comments during the meetings when the business being discussed does not involve her Troop position.

Or, when the scouts start getting a little chatty during the meetings during skills or when someone else has the floor and CMW tells them to be quiet (while ASMs are in the room).

What is your troop's policy when the boys fail to plan camping trips such as assign a grubmaster, plan a menu, or complete the duty roster?

Does the trip get cancelled or do the adult leaders buy the food and plan the meals so that the boys can still go camping?

How does your Troop's Committee handle issues? Do they bother to get the rest of story before taking any action or do they just take one person's word?

What I am saying here is that my interactions are way less than some of the others in the Troop but I'm the outsider.
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Re: When the Troop Committee decides not to play nice!

Postby White Bear » Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:03 am

You are focusing more on YOU. Stop that. This is never about you. It's about the boys. If you cannot accept that you will have problems with every troop you go to.

I've said it before. Take a break.
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Re: When the Troop Committee decides not to play nice!

Postby wagionvigil » Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:14 am

OK this is about to go south so I am going to make a statement and then lock the Thread. there may be more things happen after the Mods have a chat.
Scouting is about the boys with very very limited adult interference. If they(the kids) screw up they screw up. If a kid does not fail they do not learn.
When I was an SM I decided who went on campouts. AND Committe members usually were not invited. I had two great assistants and that was all I needed. I did not invite parents as they were just going to get in the way.

I was an educator for 35 years and retired a bit early for my age. because of the constant parental interference. So IMO this is what I see this whoe think as. By the way I was A band Director and I still Perform a lot.
Why do you think the Jamboree will no longer allow parents in the Subcamps and Program Areas? Think about it.
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