Adancement Chairman issues

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Re: Adancement Chairman issues

Postby Cowboy » Thu May 27, 2010 7:47 am

Back to the earlier question: The SM is suppose to "approve" the MB and sign the card to prevent dishonest boys from getting blue cards and having them signed off without doing the work. That is another reason for the SM "assigning" the MBC. I HAVE seen where a blue card comes in and the claim is made that it was completed at a MB Clinic, but the boy does not know where or who the MBC was. "It was down by Random City." I have also seen where a boy claims that the MB was started 4 years ago at camp, but he never turned it in to the AC. The question then comes in as to how a First Year Camper completed 6 MB's at summer camp. We hope that all Scouts are honest, but the rules are there to force the issue and teach honesty.
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