Resources can be many different things.

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Resources can be many different things.

Postby riverwalk » Fri Dec 31, 2004 6:51 pm

:idea: Fellow Scouts/Scouters, Happy New Year to all, and may your continued Scouting experience be meaningful....and helpful.

I ask everyone to be alert to their local opportunities, and assist support efforts for this World crisis. All would accept that this catastrophe will continue to unfold into a bigger disaster. We can only imagine at this point, though appropriate agencies are predicting this. Opportunities may come in the form of creating awareness during Activities, raising funds for World Scouting support, conducting other events to turn assets into funds for donation, or whatever is going on where you are. Not only is this help needed, but it serves to involve our Units in service to the community. That "community" can be local, or global.

Remember, with Scouting in over 200 countries, you can bet that fellow members are both affected, AND involved. I encourage, for use at the local level, any effort to identify people holding an Interpreter "strip". One never knows how useful this can be.

Please share any brainstormin' ideas with all of us.
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