Scouts-L hs moved.

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Scouts-L hs moved.

Postby PaulSWolf » Sat Jun 15, 2013 3:36 pm

The SCOUTS-L list was moved today to a new server home hosted by the US Scouting Service Project. As part of this move, all of the subscriptions and files were automatically moved as well. So the archives, every message ever posted to that list, going back to the first message Doug Coffman, the original Listowner, posted on March 29, 1990, (using BITNET) are still available.

And although it really goes without saying, I do want to point out that very special thanks should go to TCU, which has hosted the list for over 20 years! (since September 1991), and to Jon Eidson, who has been the listowner for all that time, who handled the move, and who continues to administer the list.

Any postings made after Friday midnight (CDT) to the TCU listserv were probably dropped.

The address is no longer valid. However, the nice thing is that the listserv software has a feature that postings to the TCU list will automatically inform you about the new server should you accidentally post to the TCU host.

The new listserv address for posting email is:

To send commands you address your email to:

The web address is:

There is also information at:

At the moment, we will be keeping all the scouts-l settings (including 50 per day limit), text only, no attachments, etc.

PLEASE change your address books to replace with
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