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Philmont Treks

Postby Rick Tyler » Tue Dec 07, 2004 2:49 pm

BSA just informed us that our troop has been selected to send two treks to Philmont in 2006. I think that we will have one trek for older boys and one for younger. Which iteneraries would you recommend for each group?
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Postby Billvann » Wed Dec 08, 2004 3:49 pm


1. Visit Seldon's Philmont page (
You'll find links to almost all relevent Philmont sites.

2. Subscribe to the Philmont email list (
You'll get answers to all of your questions from some very seasoned (and I mean that in a good way!) Philmont trekkers.

Indispensable, in fact, do this first. Coop will email you the Word document and include instructions where to send the donation (410 I believe).

There are many more links and sources, but these three will point you to want you need or to where you can find what you need.

BTW, we hiked Itineratry #2 this summer. We were all beginners and it's one of the more moderate treks. But don't fool yourself, even the easiest Philmont trek is a challange, especially for adult advisors. Hiking across Tooth Ridge on our second to last day is one of my most memorable moments. ahhh (BTW II- our troop didn't get a 2006 trek. Now we're waiting to see how far down on the waiting list we are)
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Postby DPuck » Mon Mar 14, 2005 12:33 am

This summer i am going out there for the second time.

It all depends on your skill level and what you want to see. Troops that dont do that much backpacking may want to take the easier and lower numbered treks. The last time i went out i did trek number 32 and will either take that or number 30 this summer.

There are two MAJOR spots on the land that i think are must see. Baldy and tooth of time. There are only a few treks that hit both.

You must also decide if you want to hike out of camp or into camp. I like hiking into camp. I hate sitting around waiting for a bus to pick me up, id rather go in on my own and nothing is better then hiking in along the tooth of time ridge on the last day.

2006 gives you plenty of time to get ready for harder treks. If you would like i can give you our preperation plan which we have used for each of the 5 times we went to philmont and the 4 other extended backpacking trips we have done in our past.
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Postby The_Ed » Thu Mar 17, 2005 8:15 pm

I went to Philmont in 2003 with my cousins troop. We went on trek #21 it wasnt too bad. My cousin went in 2001 also and they went on one of the hardests treks. It cover most of the mountains in Philmont. I suggest you send the younger boys on one of the shorter treks that is about 50 miles. Which you choose for the older boys depends on how experienced they are and how hard they want it. The trek my cousin went on in 2001 was very hard (one day he said they came into camp just as the sun was going down). However I suggest for the older boys to sit down one night and choose all the camps they would like to go to and the different activities they would like to do. One great camp is Pueblano (sp?) they had pole climbing, played baseball, and had a campfire.
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Philmon Trek Site

Postby Elangomat » Fri Jul 01, 2005 1:59 pm

As I said on another post I just got back from Philmont yesterday. I'm posting on this thread to say that there's a site out there that will help you plan a trek (updated regularly). It even had this year's treks on it when we were planning ours! Anyway you can use a list of activities (including Baldy and the Tooth) on the site (and campsites also) and it'll tell you the treks with what you have on it (sorted well). I'm sorry, I couldn't find the URL but if I find it I'll definately post it on here!
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Postby wagionvigil » Fri Jul 01, 2005 2:50 pm
This has the treks for this year,maps etc.
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Postby Eamonn » Thu Oct 06, 2005 8:36 pm

Does anyone have any experiences with putting their vehicle on the train and arriving at Philmont that way?
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Postby pipestone1991 » Tue Jul 25, 2006 3:48 pm

Eamonn wrote:Does anyone have any experiences with putting their vehicle on the train and arriving at Philmont that way?

Nope, we're flying to Denver and riding a busthe rest of the way down.
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