New First Aid Requirement for PHILMONT

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New First Aid Requirement for PHILMONT

Postby wagionvigil » Wed Dec 12, 2007 5:40 pm

2008 First Aid Training Requirement for Philmont Crews
First Aid training is important for the safety of the crew while participating in Philmont’s backcountry or at
the Double H High Adventure Base. For several years crews were encouraged to obtain a higher level of training
than the American Red Cross Standard First Aid or equivalent. The recommended course was the 16-hour
American Red Cross Wilderness First Aid Basic.
Beginning with the 2008 hiking season the requirement for participation is that each crew must have someone
certified in a 16 hour wilderness first aid course from a nationally-recognized provider.
As stated in the “Council and Unit Planning Guide” the 2008 First Aid and CPR Certification Requirement reads
as follows:
“Philmont requires that a least one person, preferably two, (either an advisor or a youth participant) in each crew
be currently certified in American Red Cross Wilderness First Aid or the equivalent* and CPR from the
American Heart Association, the American Red Cross or the equivalent. The American Red Cross Wilderness
First Aid is a sixteen-hour course designed to help in situations when help is not readily available. Several hours
may be required for Philmont staff to reach a remote backcountry location after a message is delivered to the
nearest staffed camp. First aid and CPR training will result in proper and prompt attention being given to injuries
and/or illnesses. You must present current certification cards upon check in to verify this requirement.”
Equivalent training can be obtained from the following nationally-recognized organizations:
American Red Cross
American Safety and Health Institute
Emergency Care and Safety Institute
National Outdoor Leadership School (WMI)
National Safety Council (NSC)
Stonehealth Open Learning Opportunities (SOLO)
Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA)
Wilderness Medical Society (WMS)
Wilderness Medicine Training Center
Wilderness Safety Council
The Boy Scouts of America and the American Red Cross have a national agreement, the primary goal of which is
to help councils (with their districts and units) become self sufficient teaching Red Cross courses, including First
Aid. Wilderness First Aid Basic is specified in the agreement. Through this agreement a local council can
coordinate training of American Red Cross courses by providing BSA volunteers who are certified to instruct the
course by the American Red Cross. The fees for the course taught by the BSA volunteers are dramatically reduced
and include a $5.00 administrative fee and the cost of materials.
Anyone who has (1) an American Red Cross instructor authorization that includes authorization to teach First Aid; (2) some
experience in outdoor activities; and (3) approval from their Red Cross chapter (or other unit) of authorization, can proceed
through a simple process to become an American Red Cross, Wilderness First Aid Basics Instructor. The process to become
an instructor: (A) obtain self-study orientation and Wilderness First Aid Basics materials; (B) complete the self-study
orientation to become acquainted with the Wilderness First Aid Basics course and materials; and (C) fill out a Verification
Form, and provide it to his/her chapter of authorization.
After completing the self-study guide, an individual may grade the self-study themselves since this is a study aid, not a test.
Then, complete the Orientation Verification Form and turn it in to their American Red Cross chapter (or other unit) of
authorization. The authorizing chapter will issue an instructor certification (F5736) for Wilderness First Aid Basics. Once
acknowledged by the chapter with authorization, he/she can then begin teaching the Wilderness First Aid Basics course. The
instructor also need to inform the chapter of the locations where he/she will be teaching.
Upgrade and course materials may be obtained from your local Red Cross chapter, or directly from the
Transylvania County Chapter of the American Red Cross at:,
• 828-884-4530, or
• PO Box 2337, Brevard, NC 28712.
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Postby pipestone1991 » Wed Dec 12, 2007 8:19 pm

Hmmmm, when I went we all had our (in fact, still do) AHA 1st Aid certifications, however, this does seem like a good idea. Philmont can be a dangerous place.
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