Canoeing and hiking in ME

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Canoeing and hiking in ME

Postby hacimsaalk » Mon Oct 30, 2006 9:37 pm

next summer is my troops year to go on a "big trip". we have decided to go to Maine/New Hampshire. for high adventure, we would like to go canoeing,hiking, or biking, or a combo of all three. since im not a big fan of "rock hard buns", i would prefer to do the first two. sooooooooo, does anyone have any good canoeing rivers, creeks or lakes? most of us are pretty experienced, so rough water isnt a problem. since we are coming from PA, we basically would need outfitted w/at least canoes and paddles. anyone have any good hikes? weve done a couple parts of the AT, and we wouldnt mind doing that again, but other than that, does anyone have some good ideas. No matter whether we go hiking or canoeing, we want wherever we go to be extremely secluded and away from any towns or civilization, or major roads. ( whats the point of roughing it if town is 2 miles away? )




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Postby DadScout » Tue Oct 31, 2006 11:38 am

I've not been there but you might want to check out
The camp is part of the Katahdin Area Council and I think was a National High Adventure Camp.
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Postby Ridge Runner » Fri Jun 01, 2007 4:24 pm

If it's not too late in your unit's planning stage Maine High Adventure Base would meet all your requirements. It is well run and managed, and staffed with well train guides. All are certified by the State of Maine as Wilderness Trek leaders and do an excellent job.

One of the big plus to the program is that you can check in at anytime during the week, and not be tied to the traditional Sunday check in of other camps.

Day One is somewhat hectic starting with the unit arriving at the boat ramp for the ride across Matagamon to the Base. There, you'll meet your guide who will take you through the process and be with the unit during the entire trek. Note that the swim test can be a challenge, more so in the early part of the season with water temps in the low 50's.

At the Map Room the unit will decide on their trek for the week, the more popular of the two are the Allagash, and the East Branch.

Also good rain gear is an essential item along with a cheerful altitudes since there can be some tuff days at the paddle. More so if running some of the bigger lakes on windy days.

For myself, if I had to choose between Philmount or MHAB it would be an easy choice to go with MHA. Those North Woods can really grow on a person.....
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