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Postby wagionvigil » Wed Jul 19, 2006 12:24 pm

youth staff 16-20
Adult staff 21 up
yes you do get to enjoy the Jamboree my youth staff each had 2 1/2 days off and the adults had 2 days ofgf.Some staff positions have more free time than others.
They are very strict with the age requirements for youth staff. They must be 16 befiore the start of the Jamboree and Cannot turn 21 until after the Jamboree Closes.
The Jamboree uses OA rules with the Youth Staff.

I would start checking with neighboring councils. Remember each council troop has 3 adult leaders 2 over 21 and 1 18-20 so Adult positions are few.
You cpuld always make it a family Vacation to visit But then again you are limited as to what you get to do.
ALso Staff reports anywhere from a Week before to 4 days before sepending on the positions.
I reported Monday before the Jamboree started So I was actually there for almost 3 weeks
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Postby Chief J » Thu Jul 20, 2006 12:57 pm

scoutaholic wrote:My sons will be 13 & 15 at the time of the Jamboree, and we have been planning on this one for several years. How do I get us registered? Are there youth staff positions? If there are, will we have time to enjoy Jamboree, or would we be working the whole time? Do I need to find another council that will accept us?

If your sons will not be of youth staff age, I would recomend looking at neighboring councils for slots when they create their Jamboree Troops.

For 2005, our council traveled to the Jamboree and home again, there were no side trips, etc. other councils do take advantage of the jamboree location and adding side trips to Washington DC, and other places.

As far as staff, like Wagionvigil said, depends on your job. At the 2005 Jamboree I worked on Subcamp 4 Commissary Staff. We had 3 teams that worked a rotating shift of (1) Noon-Midnight, (2) Off, (3) Midnight - Noon. Had lots of quality time to do the Jamboree.

Best Regards, and See You at the Hill in 2010,
Chief J
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Postby scoutaholic » Thu Jul 20, 2006 1:56 pm

I would have never guessed that it would be so hard to find a group to go with for Jamboree.

I have now checked with the 5 councils nearest me.

My council had the least helpful answer, "We don't do it that way, If you don't like our way then don't go."

Grand Teton and Nevada Area Councils both said, "We have always done it this way and don't expect to change, but if you call back in 2009, the decision will have been made for sure."

Utah National Parks council said, "We have never had anyone ask to do it without the tour, but we are considering offering that to see if anyone wants to do it. Call back in January, and we might know more."

The guy at Trapper Trails council who can answer my questions is out of the office until 8/5. Still don't know what their response may be.

I'm not sure if my next step should be joining a troop from Virginia, or complaining to someone at national that my local council won't let me join them.
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Postby riverwalk » Thu Jul 20, 2006 11:46 pm

I am not sure I answered a question of me recently? Anyway, yes I only inquired (about Staffing), via the links in the NJ's website. Not having been before, I wasn't even thinking about other avenues. But I'll find the right door next time, if I think I can go, haha. Hmmm, gotta think more about the WJ too.
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