Special camping trip.

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Special camping trip.

Postby Lynda J » Tue Feb 22, 2005 1:07 pm

We don't allow our boys to take any electronics when we camp. The only thing they can take that requires batteries is a flashlight. Well they have worked really hard this year with the older boys working hard to help the new boys advance in rank.
This past weekend we did a game camp out. We went to one of our local BS camps that has a nice big training building with electricity and all. We rented it and the boys got to bring their game cubes etc. We had 7 TV's and I don't know how many games. They had a ball. We told them before we left that if we had no problems they could plan this trip once a year. When we said lights out. They were out within 15 minutes with everyone in their sleeping bags and quite.
It was fun. The only "camping" thing they did was their cooking.
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