10,000 islands

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10,000 islands

Postby 616kayak » Sat Mar 18, 2006 10:31 pm

A few weeks ago some of the older guys in my troop got back from a trip in the 10,000 islands. If you or your troop comes to Florida I suggest going to this area. You will never forget it.

We had a two-day trip. Aprox 17 miles in total. The first day we had a nice current that pushed us along just fine through the islands. We saw Dolphin feeding, which was pretty cool. When we got out in the gulf and turned north the trip became a little harder but we only had two miles left. We set up camp and did some fishing. Didn’t catch much. The wind shifted about 1 hour before dark. The mosquitoes would have killed us if we didn’t move. So, we broke down camp and moved half a mile down the island. This was made difficult because we needed to stay far enough out so the 2 to 3-foot waves didn’t push our little canoes and us into the mangroves. We got to our new site pitched our tents ate and pilled some of the dead trees from the hurricanes into or fire. The fire was pretty good. The next day we left saw Dolphins again and got back to land in time to drive home before dark.
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