New Councilor.. Help!!!

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New Councilor.. Help!!!

Postby EagleBoy62204 » Fri Mar 04, 2005 1:39 pm

Im new to the whole merit badge councilor thing. I recently turned 18 back in June and being a scout for most of my life and having a pretty fun time with the badges and all motivated me to become a councilor.

I currently am signed up for Graphic Arts, Family Life and Collections. The adults in my troop... two of them actually are opposed to me doing family life. This is, because I have not raised a family and have not experienced alot of stuff that the badge implies, when in fact I have been through alot more than any "average" kid goes through.

I really want to stick with family life, but with the adults refusing the boys in the troop to let them take it with me, I am getting pretty angry and about to drop from it all together.

What should I do?
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Adults... ugh!

Postby Elangomat » Tue Jul 19, 2005 5:14 pm

Well, I just recently turned 18 also (July) but I've been a cons. for Basketry and Wood Carving at my local BS Camp. As for your adult situation, I suggest going to you Council, see what they have to say about it... I mean, I'm not a professional Wood Carver or Basket maker but I've taught it. Heck, my brother was an Art teacher and it wasn't untill quite a bit of years later that he even went to school for it. I see the adult's point, but still. Like I said, see what the council has to say about it.

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Postby TenderfootMom » Tue Jul 19, 2005 8:31 pm

I am a 44 year old mother of 3 who is considering becoming a MBC for Family Life. I have concerns that I will not have enough experience since I would be counseling kids who are older than my own. I have not experienced the "teen" years firsthand and can understand the reluctance of some of the adults in your troop. No matter how much life experience you may have had to this date it is not the same as being a parent. That is not to say that you would not make an excellent counselor. Every individual is different and I know of some parents that I would not want counseling my son. What concerns me is your last statement of being angry about how some parents feel. A more mature attitude would be for you to accept to counsel those who seek you out and be supportive of those who would prefer a more "seasoned" counselor.

In response to Elangomat, while it is true that you do not have to be a professional in an area to be a MBC I do hope that the people counseling my son have some kind of training in the area they are teaching. That training can be in the form of education or practical experience. For Family Life there is no "book" I know of to "teach" how to be a family - you have to live it and learn by a lifetime of mistakes.
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Postby ASM-142 » Wed Jul 20, 2005 8:10 am

TenderfootMom wrote:For Family Life there is no "book" I know of to "teach" how to be a family - you have to live it and learn by a lifetime of mistakes.

There are books about raising families available even though I would not use them. Every situation is different and should be treated as such. Because someone is not a parent does not mean they will not be a good family life MBC. Even someone at 18 has been part of a family and therefore should know what family life is about. This is not limited to parents.
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Postby Mrw » Thu Jul 21, 2005 10:25 am

I would suggest patience. The boys in your troop that have been around you for a while and the leaders who have been there a while still see you as a "kid" to a certain extent.

This will begin to change as you are not in the position to act like and be treated like an adult. In a year or so, they may really be needing some one for that badge and find the person they have been using is not available when they are wanted. Then you fill the need.

My older son at 19 is an ASM. The older boys in the troop, including his brother, don't see him as an adult or as having any authority. When he come to troop functions, he is a great teacher for the younger boys who were not with him much as "kids" and so they view and treat him like an adult.

Change will come with time.
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Postby RedFox » Mon Jan 02, 2006 12:27 pm

I can agree with mrw based on experience. I started leading at 18 (26 now) and it took 2 solid years for most of the adults, to get used to me and trust me...i've spent almost 7 years as an Assistant Scoutmaster, and now i'm in my 2nd year as a Cub Scout Leader

Be Patient. Be yourself. Gaining the trust and experience that you will need to be a successful Merit Badge Counselor, Assistant Scoutmaster, Committee Member, wherever your path in Scouting takes you will take time.

Quitting is definitely not the answer. Just stick with it, I honestly believe you'll thank yourself in the end.
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Postby commish3 » Mon Jan 02, 2006 6:55 pm

The bottom line here is that the adults in the unit have no authority over who becomes a merit badge counselor. The District/Council Advancement committee has sole authority to approve and register merit badge counselors.

If you believe you have the credentials due either to education, or experience in a the topic then you need to complete the MB Counselor application along with a new Adult Application (it doesn't matter if you are alreadty registered as an adult you need one specifically for mb counselor) and turn it into the District Advancement Chair for review and approval.

Only they can determine if you are a qualified applicant. The unit may only approve or deny you a position as an Assistant Scouttmaster at your age.

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